Find Out Why the Best Timeshare Companies Can’t Match This Value

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05Jul, 2018

Find Out Why the Best Timeshare Companies Can’t Match This Value

If you like to travel, odds are you’ve been exposed to people trying to sell you some type of travel-related package, like a timeshare or holiday club. Maybe you even think that they’re the exact same thing, and you are not certain you really want to learn about them, as you are scared that if you buy into one or another, it is going to cost you more money. Perhaps you’ve even fallen prey to some of the best timeshare companies and invested thousands of dollars to purchase weeks.

If that’s true, then you’ve learned that timeshare ownership is expensive.

So, yes, you are able to travel to exotic destinations and have luxurious accommodations for a couple of weeks out of this year, but are you really getting a great value for the exorbitant sum which you’ve spent? And are the hotels that you would like to travel to always offered? Trading hotels through RCI costs an additional $189 exchange fee, and often you can not get the area or resort you desire. And as you are adding up timeshare vacation packages expenses, make certain to include the $99 annually RCI membership!

So how do holiday clubs work? There are no maintenance fees, and it’s a lifetime membership. Holiday clubs also offer deluxe accommodations, and with access to more than 2 million holiday weeks annual, accessibility is rarely an issue like it is with timeshares. Some timeshares might offer a few of those options but not to the extent that a holiday club does.

Many clubs also provide extensive help in planning trips. Counselors can help you in making airline bookings, providing transport for you while on your journey, lining up limo service, etc.. They do all of the legwork for you, so that all you’ve got to do is show up and enjoy your dream vacation! Timeshare companies don’t provide these services.

The best timeshare companies can not match this value, because a holiday club can provide discounts of up to 80%! Start enjoying the fantastic life of a holiday club member and revel in spectacular holidays in lavish resorts without the high prices of timeshare ownership.

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