Why You Need to Read the Harry Potter Books

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09May, 2018

Why You Need to Read the Harry Potter Books

We all love to watch movies compared to reading. In the movies, the story is shorter and the experience is more entertaining. However, if you get more interested that you want to know more about the movie you are watching, you should read the book if it is novel-based.

Yes, just like the harry potter series, you really need to read the books or else you will miss some details about certain scenes like the following:

You won’t know there is a character that is Peeves the Poltergeist. He wreaks havocs wherever he goes is simply adding comedy to the series.

There is a moldy cheese involved in the movie and it is served to harry potter and his companions at the time they attended the deathly party of Nick the nearly headless character.

It is not easy to transform into a werewolf and this is not explained in the movie. The pain one will need to endure before it is transformed is explained in the book in detail.

There are daddy problems in the story that is not well shown in the movie but is clear in the books. This is when Voldemort was still a teenager and he killed his father, his grandparents, and Tom Riddle in their home.

There is an organization made up by Hermione and this is the S.P.E.W. This stands for the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.

It is not too late though to read the books and be entertained once more by these series. Aside from reading the books though, you can also take part of the Harry Potter tour. This should relive the excitement and fun you probably had when watching the movies for the first time. Check out online for more information about this.

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